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Ketamine Therapy Fort Collins CO was developed to treat anxiety and panic attacks, along with other conditions that manifest as a lack of control. The neuroleptic that is given as a primary dose in many cases acts as a sedative, allowing the patient to have some degree of control over their symptoms. However, as is often the case with this type of sedative, as the dosages are increased, the possibility of developing a dependency on the drug increases. KET, or Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Fort Collins CO, works to decrease the level of dependence on the drug by increasing the dosage each time the person is administered the drug. This is accomplished through the use of a nasal spray of ketamine.

The primary concern of Ketamine Therapy Fort Collins CO is the development of a tolerance to the drug. While the anxiolytic properties of ketamine may be very helpful in a number of instances, they are also often the cause of dependence. To effectively treat the patient, the doctor will need to be able to find a way to adjust the dosages of the ketamine to the individual's level of tolerance. This can be done through the careful assessment of the patient and a good understanding of how much tolerance there is to ketamine as a result of his or her medications.

A case report from 2020 by Chris McGill of the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston looked at the history of two patients that were treated with this treatment. He was able to show that one of the patients was unable to tolerate ketamine because she had a history of both alcohol and tobacco dependence and the other patient's tolerance levels were more severe. While it has been argued that Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Fort Collins CO is not well suited for patients with a history of drug addiction, further studies will be needed to determine if this is true.


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