Hummingbird Psychiatry

Dustin Dippen, MD

Appointment Considerations


I am introducing a new concept in my practice.  I am trying to meet the needs of those who would like to work with me while striking a balance of creating the abundance I am seeking, while fairly allocating my resources to people in need.  


If you wish to use your insurance and are located in the states of Vermont or Colorado, you can consider seeing me through the Teladoc online clinic platform.  I typically work there on Mondays as a private contractor.   That is a separate clinic from my private practice, and they do have more limited services in terms of limits on controlled substances, and generally it is only medication management without psychotherapy.  If you are a Teladoc client, you would communicate with me through the Teladoc app and staff.  To sign up for a Teladoc appointment please navigate to and follow their sign up procedures. 


If you wish to become a private client with more direct access and treatment options and find that my fees are not affordable, please free to contact me before you schedule the appointment to discuss your ability to pay and a potential sliding scale adjustment based on income and/or life situation. Please be advised, I am can only accommodate a certain numbers of folks with my sliding scale fee system and although it is generally considered an honor system, you may be asked to present proof of income to establish the sliding scale fee. 


Click this link to discuss a sliding scale fee (generally this would be 60-100% of my normal fee)


If you are ready to sign up for a new appointment, please feel free to choose the Adult Initial Consultation visit below.  You will be e-mailed new patient paperwork when you sign up.  If you don't see it in your inbox, please check your junk or promotions folders.


 I appreciate the paperwork being filled out 24 hours before our appointment is to start, as this gives me time to review and consider what you have written.  If you are not able to complete the paperwork in that time frame, we can reschedule your visit to another time.  (I generally do not charge in that case, though do reserve the right to charge for late cancellations and/or no shows based on my consideration of the situation.)